I am not a blogger.

I think I have made that point pretty clear by the serious neglect of not only this blog but also my other blog. :-/
I'm going to go ahead and take full responsibility for that.
I am not a blogger.
I'm a mommy, wife, housekeeper, laundress, finder of toys, shoes and leashes.
I am the on call chef, kisser of booboos, teacher, professional diaper changer. 
And when I have time this is what I really like to do...

Family life

I have been pretty wrapped up in my family this past year.
That sounds bad, I have always been wrapped up in my family, but this past 8 months I have been especially focused.
Focused on spending time with my little guy and my big guy.

(all of these are iphone pics.)
Focused on decisions on how we will grow our family.
Focused on a mountain of paperwork, home visits and a million other little things.

We are licensing to become a foster/adoptive home.
Anyday now I expect our llicense in the mail.
Anyday now we will stop being a family of 3.
Anyday now...
The waiting has been really hard.
Dealing with the state is a slow.slow.slow process.
Did I mention how slow the state can be?
Any day now...
I am expecting.
Maybe not in the traditional way,
but I am still expecting.
And nesting.
And buying baby things.

I can't wait to share what comes next.

Fall Family Sessions

Fall is my favorite time of year to shoot photos.
The lighting seems softer, the colors are amazing and the crisp air...ahhhh.
I have had a busy month with session, which is awesome!
I was honored to take photos for 2 families this week who had never before has family photos done! Such an honor and joy to be chosen to help them create those family photos!
Here's my little disclaimer about photos: Even if you hate your body get them done.
Share your concerns with the photographer, we can pose & shoot from angles that flatter everybody. We want you to be happy and LOVE your photos!
We want you to feel amazing, beautiful and special. Never be afraid to ask for what you want!
Now will I photoshop off 30lbs, ummm no. I only use photoshop for good, not evil! LOL
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!